Bronwen Latham


The Demand for Female/Non-Binary Music Producers

Publication: CityGirl Network 12th September 2020.

This article was inspired by my studies at University for music. I was researching for an essay and was shocked at the disparity between men and women in behind the scene roles in the music industry. This was the catalyst for me founding up a women focused radio show on PlatformB, as well as podcast chatting to women working within the industry to hear about their experiences and advise they would give to those starting out. In this article I discuss why there are less women in music producing and engineering roles with a focus on the demand for female/non-binary producers by female/non-binary artists who want more women producers to feel more safe within the studio. This piece included an interview however as CityGirl Network prefer 600 word articles I plan to write a follow up article with further investigation and summarises of what I learnt during my podcast.
The Demand for Female/Non-bonary Music Producers

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